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LOL @ TL4everu2: That is a great story xD!

@ Preciselove: It's so true about people crying when you don't talk to them for a few days. I can do this with just about everyone... but every time my mom calls I keep thinking she has something important or ground breaking to say. I just can't seem to ignore her. I've pretty much dropped the conversation with her because I realized it's not going to go anywhere with her. She notices though. She likes to say things like, "You can always talk to me about anything. I want to know about your life." But then when I talk to her about it, she just think's I'm crazy. Yesterday she called me up asking if I "lost touch with reality". Oi, she's such a nut xD. I was actually very amused until I thought about it a little more. Basically my mom thinks I'm crazy because I'm different than her. So, now I have that (>_o) poked in the eye feeling and I'm laughing.
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