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Tee hee hee... Magikman79 WAS my rebound after another long term mono relationship. 16 years later, Id say that rebound worked out well for me, so why mess with what works? LOL. not to mention I must admit that being able to stick my tongue out and say nah nah nah nah booboo helps as a nice band aid for so many emotional wounds. *snicker*
But I do not want to be that way toward her at all. I WISH I could be mad at her. If I was normal I WOULD be mad at her. But I guess love blurs all kinds of lines, doesn't it?
I must admit it does get harder to console Magik when it comes to her though, at times. Just that small ghost of jealousy still trying to die off, I guess, and only when I do allow myself the ability to lock away the hope that she is not coming back and understand that we need to move on. But then the small voice creeps back in and whispers in a sad dead voice "But I want her to come back.", and then its all back to square one with the crying, and then he is consoling me. (something I feel guilty about, by the way.)
But it IS over and we DO need to move on, so the hope that there is someone who CAN handle the nature of the relationship is out there for us is a need for me. A happy ending.
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