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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
... because monogamy is the norm, and poly people do tend to question themselves and think there is something wrong with them,...

This is exactly the way I thought. Way back long ago I knew that I could love more than one lady, but the accepted theory said that it was impossible. If I REALLY loved someone then they would be enough and bells would ring and the universe would disappear and all that would exist for me would be that one woman, etc., etc. (that's probably over stating the theory a bit, but what the hell). I could see that it wasn't true, I could feel that it wasn't true, but I denied having those feelings because it just didn't fit with what I was taught. I had heard it said many times that the longer and harder I worked on the relationship the deeper the love would grow and the less I would want to be with other ladies...In other words I WOULD GROW UP! Never happened...after thirty years of being married to my wonderful wife I still love other ladies.

That's how I know that I could be poly. BUT! That's just me.
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