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Wink Do I qualify as a unicorn hunter?

So reading up about the issues have me a bit on the fence about whether I'm chasing unicorns or not. Here's the gist:

While we're not pursuing anything actively right now because my wife is beginning a new relationship, I am extremely excited at the thought of going on a date with a woman as a couple. I know that a bisexual girl interested in a polyamorous couple is a "unicorn" but I don't think I have quite the stringent requirements of most.

I'd be open to this theoretical woman being more interested in one of us or the other for a relationship though I hope she'd be open to some fun in the bedroom involving both of us. I'm open to both serious and casual relationships for either of us, and don't have any interest in forcing a relationship where none exists. I'm just very thrilled at the idea of being on a date with a woman and seeing her giving eyes to my wife, or to me, or both of us, but enjoying that together.

So give me the honest truth: am I seeking something rare enough to qualify as unicorn hunting or do I perhaps squeeze my way into the general poly population on this one?
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