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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
I think a generally safe approximation of with regard to baby's affect on the parents lives:

Pack up your life in box, both breakable and precious (like fine China) along with heavy and indestructible (cast iron pan) as well as the messy (Styrofoam peanuts) and fun (LUBE!).
Turn upside down and shake vigorously. (Never Ever ever never try this with an actual baby!!!)
After the first year, see what's left.

In terms of how this will affect you? It's a matter of how your relationship is with them...China, Cast Iron, Styrofoam or Lube?
Excellent analogy!
I love it.

I have 4 kids. I love them all. (19, 15, 11, 3) and a grandbaby (1month).

There are people who stayed in my life through the addition of child(ren), there were those who disappeared.
The ones who stayed were the ones who were willing to morph with the changes that came, because, as those before me said, you really can't predict exactly what those changes will be.

With my 11 year old, not much changed, he was a quiet, calm and easy going baby.
But-with the 3 year old, she had health issues, she projectile puked any time she had dairy or soy-limiting my food options greatly and making it not fun to be around her if I 'screwed up' on my diet. She choked endlessly (don't the heimlich on her more times in 3 years then ALL of the other kids added together). So there were a LOT of things in our lives that changed when she came.
Now-at 3 she's a healthy, vibrant and fun-loving kid, our lives are going back to a more "normal" style. Those people who loved and cared for us enough to stick it out through that difficulty-are thrilled when she screams their names and runs to them professing her undying love and affection. Those who couldn't handle the difficulties-miss out.
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