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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
'Where' really is the problem/weakness ?

Assuming they profess to embrace poly, why is it that they aren't reaching out to find ways to meet their desires from multiple sources themself, rather that sitting back crying foul about shortcomings of a preferred (primary?)partner or the poly model as a whole ?
Perhaps it's finding people that they find attractive. If they have spent many years finding the right partner they will of course be upset if they have no alternative or lesser alternatives. Your conclusion that all lovers are equal is quite politically correct but doesn't have much association with reality in my mind.

That's even to say that all people want to have multiple "secondary" partners, or people they don't trust down to the bone. Every random or semi random sexual encounter you have puts you at risk of numerous diseases, regardless of protection used.

"Open poly" people in my opinion seem to have a rather low barrier to entry. "You're ok with my lifestyle and my existing partner(s)? Wassup new boyfriend, let's have sex and see how it goes". Wooo NRE!!! A month later it's someone new. That's just my experience though.
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