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Default Confusion over resources and poly love

In reading through this thread again something occurred to me.

It seems fairly common to point to various time and resource conflicts as a "weakness" of polyamory. It's legit of course to take a particular example where one person has more time (or more needs) than another that seem to be going unmet and underline that as a problem with the logistics of poly.

Now my thought was that the weakness is also the strength !

It seems to really become the biggest problem when one of the parties are mono or stuck in some mode where their options for meeting their needs/desires is limited. So they want to point the finger at a love/partner and the model (poly) in general.

But think about this.............

'Where' really is the problem/weakness ?

Assuming they profess to embrace poly, why is it that they aren't reaching out to find ways to meet their desires from multiple sources themself, rather that sitting back crying foul about shortcomings of a preferred (primary?)partner or the poly model as a whole ?

Is this just our natural selfishness coming out ? We want what we want when we want it. And if it involves someone else and their needs/desires/schedules are conflicting with our desires, it MUST be THEIR fault !
Or anyone/any things fault except our own...........

Choices, choices...............

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