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Originally Posted by RobFire View Post
I tend to think analytically, and I figured that there's X amount of time one must invest before one can determine if a person will be compatible. There was also a pretty low percentage of the population that I would find compatible (picky). From a practical perspective, I reasoned that if I could date multiple women simultaneously, it would increase the odds of finding a compatible mate.

I am also a programmer, and knew that I would need help sorting it out and scheduling things. So I wrote a "Date-a-Base" application. It was pretty thorough, with logs of dates, scheduling module, ranking of women on many levels (so rude, I know) and money spent.
Well we are very similar then. Not that I have wrote a date-a-base before but I have written similar things.

Being able to tear away the emotional things and think logically probably makes us able to see reality a bit easier than some. Though it may appear "cold" to those people. You can actually see a pattern to most relationships if you look closely enough, not that it diminishes what it brings you at all.
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