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I woke up at 1:30am alone. That was disconerting and sad.

Earlier in the day Spicy Pea and I took SourtPea and PPea to see Maca for dinner in town. It was a long drive, but she needed out of the house and he was lonely, Sourpea wanted her daddy and so off we went.
Maca enjoyed holding PPea and getting caught up with him-it's amazing all the little things hat change in just a couple days at this age.

Sourpea was thrilled to see daddy. She told him "I want to come take care of you and you take care of me at your work house! He was moved nearly to tears I think. He just replied "I love you too baby".

We snuggled at dinner together and made plans for the weekend. We have a date to go dancing Friday night, followed by me spending the night at his place. Then we do our "work" on goals and stuff Saturday morning. Then GG is bringing the kids in to town at noon. Spicy Pea and Ppea are going to see their grandparents, GG is goign to a movie with Sweet Pea, Salty Pea and Sourpea are going to hang with daddy and I'm going to go have tea with a friend.

Then at 4 or so we're hooking back up to have a family dinner. Salty adn Sweetpea are staying with Maca in town for the night-Sourpea may stay as well-that's still up in the air. GG, Spicy, Ppea and I will be heading home. Then I have plans with Spicy to walk down to a nearby dance class at 7, check it out, see what the prices are etc. We're considering joining after she returns from her trip to Oklahoma to see the baby's daddy.

Going to be a BUSY weekend.

Tomorrow is pretty busy too. I gotta find a comforter for one of Spicy's friends. She's here helping with the baby. The three of them moved into my old room (it's 330 square feet) They got wo beds, cradle, couch, tv etc set up so it's like a little studio apartment. But, She's using Maca' and I's special comfroter and that's not goign to work out. .So I'm gogni to find a special one just for her in her favorite color.
Have to take some billing paperwork to SpicyPea's medical people for insurnace stuff.
Gotta take Salty Pea in to order his new glasses.
Gotta knock out the next section in my math and go over the French lesson again....
Gotta finish up the paperswork Maca and I agreed to get done this week.
Helpd Sweet Pea with school.
Try to get a walk in witih SourPea and maybe do arms or abs or both workout...
Did I mention trying to clear out the popcorn ceiling in the bedroom upstairs? It's all demo'd, but we have to finish it up before we can move stuff into it. So that's one whole bedroom (second biggest in the house) sitting empty while all of our shit is in the rest of the house waiting.
My dresser is in the dining room... I realized that last night when GG returned to work just as I was returning to bed. Because my freaking vibrators are in the dresser! INCONVENIENT.
Ok, back to bed at 2am.
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