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Default Don't I Know It

Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
If you factor in the amount of time even the least demanding partners in the world want you're still going to reach a theoretical limit around 5-20 people at any one time I think. Hardly infinite.
Very, very true.

Not that it's entirely related, but LONG, LONG AGO when I was a bachelor, I had an experience trying to date multiple people at the same time.

I tend to think analytically, and I figured that there's X amount of time one must invest before one can determine if a person will be compatible. There was also a pretty low percentage of the population that I would find compatible (picky). From a practical perspective, I reasoned that if I could date multiple women simultaneously, it would increase the odds of finding a compatible mate.

I am also a programmer, and knew that I would need help sorting it out and scheduling things. So I wrote a "Date-a-Base" application. It was pretty thorough, with logs of dates, scheduling module, ranking of women on many levels (so rude, I know) and money spent.

O.K., so I was young, so forgive the rather mercenary approach, but I knew that I would forget things or mix them up between dates. Therefore the Date-a-Base allowed for logging "factoids" from every date, so that before I went on a date I could spin up a printout and prep, so that I could make conversation like, "How did you do on that exam you were studying for?", or "Did your mom's surgery go well?".

Even worse yet, based upon the rankings that were entered, and the money spent over time, if a scheduling conflict were to occur, the scheduling module would calculate a "Bang for the Buck" ratio and choose a victim for rescheduling.

The end result was that the program worked too well. I kept things straight, and went on MANY dates. I think the max was actively dating 6 or 7 girls at the same time.

It.... was.... exhausting.....

I only lasted for a couple of months on that system. I was a zombie. There are practical limits. Of course, these were all separate women individually being dated, not cooperatively dated with group activities.

Long story short, I *really* see your point.
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