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Originally Posted by RobFire View Post
For some, yes. For some, no. Some who value the second more enduring phase of a romantic relationship may be shooting for it, though they may still enjoy the NRE while it lasts!
Yes NRE is great, and I look back on the NRE I had with my first girlfriend with fond eyes. However to me there is more to life than having that NRE feeling over and over again, the benefits I get from having 2 permanent lovers far outweighs anything I could get from 1 permanent and many short term lovers.

Originally Posted by RobFire View Post
Of course if you restrict time spent to romantic lovers to one-on-one time, then the practical time limits are reached much sooner than if you allow for spending time as a group.

Some are comfortable with spending group time together, some are not.

Even if it's the non-sexual activity time, spending time as a whole can offer the opportunity to enjoy the company of more romantic lovers as well as forge new friendship bonds and further open up the channels of communication that are so critical to any relationship.
Agree mostly with this. Most people want at least some one on one time, I've never met a girl that would be ok with only having group time, not that they don't exist but I'm thinking it's rare.

If you factor in the amount of time even the least demanding partners in the world want you're still going to reach a theoretical limit around 5-20 people at any one time I think. Hardly infinite.

When it comes to traditional relationships as you see in most monogamous circles I think a triad is the most beneficial when it comes to one on one time. Monogamy isn't the optimal solution if you want to be mainly with one person, a triad is. As ridiculous as that sounds. I like a good paradox though.
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