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Originally Posted by Kika View Post
Pffft, my mom and dad immediately started bashing the BF even though I told them the triad was my idea. OH, nothing infuriates me more than being undermined because of my gender. My parents are pros at it too. My dad didn’t even talk to me about the poly thing. He went straight for the BF. Just because Amobrasil is a guy doesn’t mean it was his idea. I remind my parents all the time that being poly and seeking a triad was my idea, but I still don’t get the sense that they believe me. It’s so infuriating! Like being poked in the eye (>_o).
Yah I have a whole lot of that. Regardless of what the girls say in our triad, it's always the male , the brainwasher, living the life of a king with his minions. Most people are stupid. If they don't want to listen or believe what you are saying then what's the point of talking to them? They aren't reasonable people.

I don't really talk to anyone that refuses to believe what I say, and they usually come crawling back after some months all like "why have you stopped talking to me". Morons. I don't mind if someone is upset because of my lifestyle, but people that refuse to accept the reality are worse than people who don't like it. Anyone that is intelligent and has an instant "don't like it" reaction will come around over a few months. People that close down the "listening shop" will never recover, forever in a fantasy land where Jesus rides a white horse or fairies exist.
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