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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
you are talking time no? In my experience it is time that limits my love, or tries too. I can feel love and not express it because of time... that doesn't limit love though.
If there is a time limit on love, then how would you know you have infinite love? You haven't been able to reach the point of saturation yet due to time constraints.

As I said though, when I think of one of my girlfriends and trying to remember everything I know about them for even 5-10 people would be incredibly difficult for me. Tell me how many people you could handle in a close relationship? You seriously believe if time was infinite your brain could hold all the information needed for 20, 50, 100, 1000 people? Let alone an infinite amount.

Not only would time need to be infinite, so would the brain's storage. Basically saying love is infinite is a cop out in my opinion because it will never happen while we are humans and have a 4th dimension called time. "Love is infinite" seems like the war cry of NRE addicts trying to rationalize why they need to have a new boyfriend/girlfriend every month. Not that I'm necessarily saying addiction to NRE is bad, at least it's a natural and internal drug compared to other more deadly and costly forms of addictions. It's very similar to adrenaline junkies. However I think it would eventually take a toll on any long term relationships that person had, as most addictions tend to.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
logical? maybe to you my friend. yes, more people seems to increase more potential for drama or mishaps as you put it.
It's logical in that one or two extra partners over monogamy can actually increase your time with your loved ones. Anything over that usually will decrease the time spent with any particular loved one.

My point was simply that adding a new boyfriend/girlfriend to a monogamous relationship can paradoxically give you MORE time with your first lover. Whereas most people think the exact opposite "I now have half a man".

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