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Default Idealist Poly Blog Part 38- new male partner!!!

Also wanted to share that I am not seeing Charles sexually any more since Holland isn’t comfortable with it. Since Richard lives out of town during the week, I wanted to find a guy to “take Charles place” although I hate to put it that way.

Anyway- I found a guy on SLS and had messaged him about 6 months ago, but decided I wasn’t ready to meet. Then, in December, I messaged him and said I wanted to meet. That was when he said in a message “we have met before”!!!

Come to find out- he is married and they are polyamorous!! They’ve been married 11 years and I met them at church 10 years ago. I was very attracted to them as a couple. She has a secondary male partner that she sees once a week.

Unfortunately she isn’t bisexual because I am so attracted to both of them, but he and I have been seeing each other about once a month and I am really enjoying him!! Our conversations are great!!! He has an incredible body and so talented sexually!!! They also have attended several social events at my house!!!
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