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Default How much do babies change things?

Hi! Iím in a happy triad with my boyfriend and girlfriend and recently I fell completely in love with a long term friend who up to that point had been monogamous. Iíll call him Dave. Daveís wife is a very close friend and they have been friends with my boyfriend and I for about three years. Dave and I managed to fall stupid in love with each other at the same moment. And Dave and Amy (his wife) opened there relationship up so Dave and I could try this out.

Amy has always had outside play partners but it was emotionally difficult for Dave since Dave and I started dating he has been able to drop a lot of limits around Amyís play and they are both very happy about that. Amy will probably move into a sexual relationship with a play partner when she feels ready. So things have been amazing. My girlfriend and boyfriend have been so supportive and there is a new level of honesty and friendship that feels amazing and itís so much fun.

So here is the thing Dave and Amy have been planning on trying for a kid next fall. They are planners and Amy is going to go off birth control sometime in the fall. I have never wanted kids and will never have them. Things are just getting on there feet between Dave, Amy and I and Iím worried about how a kid will change things. These two _should_ have kids they will be rock star parents and as there friend I have always looked forward to seeing that happen but Iíve never had someone I was romantically attached to become a parent.

Does anyone have any experiences with a secondary partner becoming a parent and how that changes the relationship?
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