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Default TX and GA

I'm in TX right now, with John. All my family and friends, except my son, are in GA.
I love being here with John, but I want to be Home, with R and all the rest of my support. My bi-polar is getting harsh around the edges, I'm on my meds again but I'm feeling unstable.
I don't know if I can handle being out here for more than a month at a time, and I will likely be here for almost 2 next time I come out.

R is having a hard time with his life, and I want to be home to help him, to be there for him. We talk on the phone, but its not the same.

I love John, but I'm not use to him being around. We have spent more of our marriage living apart than living together. Not because of our desire, but because of circumstances and my daughter.

I need a break from my son. I am glad that some women can be around their kids 24/7 but I need a few days every now and then, I think its because of my bi-polar, but I have been with him every minute of the past 2 weeks.

My new meds have also stopped my periods and made me gain weight. Not happy about that. I'm feeling depressed and off balance, I need something to change fast.
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