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Default Feminine feelings

@ TL4everu2 : I guess you have a point ^_^. It just always seemed to me that a triad relationship is more feminine rather than masculine (that could simply be because I am a girl and I view most things in a feminine manner haha). When I think of a triad I think of having one more person to share my huggles with, take walks with, eat with, geek out with, kiss with, and of course fight with haha.

@Trucker Pete: Same thing happens to you too (>_o) <-- *poked in the eye feeling*? I'm sorry. I think what bothers me the most about people assuming that it was the BFs idea is that they suddenly think he's a huge pervert. But then when I tell that person "No, it was my idea", they just ignore me and think it was really the BF's idea and he just brain washed me (=_=). I totally understand what you mean about wanting credit for your ideas. I don't care if everyone around me thinks it's a stupid idea, it was my idea and I want the credit and the criticism ^^.

I'm off to click on your link now.
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