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Originally Posted by ambleew View Post
We got into a horrible argument before she even moved in. The argument was so bad, I thought he was going to leave me. I'm not sure if it's the poly thing or not, but I don't feel strongly for her like he does and I have TRIED! And I may not be the hottest thing..but I'm not that attracted to her in that way. She is not my type of girl and she acts so immature all the time. GRRR. What do I do? Is it just too late to do anything since she lives here now??

I am 31, hubby is 27 and girlfriend Nicole is 24.
You aren't attracted to her
she annoys you

Ask yourself this, would you date her if your husband wasn't?

The assumption (almost always wrongly) is that a triad is going to be equal. It almost never is. It is usually lopsided or even broken. Thats the hardest part of a triad, the forcing of someone not interested in someone else. You can live with someone you aren't involved with. Unless of course you guys are sharing one room...

Maybe you need to let this become what it will become. A V. It might take some of the pressure off and in turn you might not find her as annoying.
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