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I admit, i do lack someone to share my emotions with. But he just never opens up to me. He is my best friend, but its almost as if we are best friends, who have a child together. Ive talked to him about his lack of emotions, and my abundance of emotions, but it always comes back to him saying thats just not how he is, and that i should accept him.
I mean no offence to him at all, but i think we have completly different levels of maturity.

I do consider that person who told me about polyamory a gift, it just seems right for me, and im glad i know about it. I dont think that he himself would want to be in any type of relationship with me, besides a friendship, but he's a good friend to have. I havnt even told him about how seriously i am conisdering it. He knows i was interested, but i just cant stop thinking about it.

Even if i leave my boyfriend, i think i would want a polyamourous relationship.

Maybe i will give my boyfriend everything i can, try to fix what our relatoinship is missing, and whatever happens happens.
I agree that i shouldnt go searching for someone just because certain needs are not being met in my current relationship.

After our relationship has run its course/ends, maybe i will try and seek someone with the same views on polyamory as me, and see if we can give it a try. I know you cant choose who you fall in love with, and I know it will be difficult, just like any relationship, but i think the only way i can see if its right for me is to try it.

Like i said, im very naive on this subject, so im still trying to learn.

Ive never posted on forums much before, but it think ill be one this one alot. Lol

We've been slaves to this love, from the moment we touched♥
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