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I asked my friend about this and this is what she said.

"Basically when you have a new lover, your brain starts to release dopamine whenever you're around them--or fantasizing about them, talking to them, etc. Dopamine activates the caudate nucleus, your brain's reward centre, and that's what causes NRE. Basically you get high (e.g., cocaine stimulates the dopamine receptor, among other things). This pathway can get hijacked in non-adaptive ways by other things that set off the reward centre, such as gambling and certain drugs. That's part of what's responsible for some addictions, is what makes people with NRE so damn oblivious and slightly crazy, and is also probably why your friend is still experiencing a rush when she talks to this guy. Just like a gambler who keeps losing but keeps playing, her brain has learned to connect thoughts of this guy to pleasure. Make sense?"

Hope it helps you understand something about yourself. I suppose there would be withdrawl if NRE is like an addiction.
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