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Default Poked in the eye (>_o)

Yeah, I do agree that our ďunicornsĒ were too young. I would love to find a girl in her 30ís, but it seems like most girls (out of the girls I have known) in their 30ís are already in relationships or not interested in relationships of any kind. I did meet a girl in her 30ís who was very interested in me. I was very happy because she seemed to have a lot of experiences. She even told me that she was in a triad before! I was very excited. But, about 10 minutes after talking, she wanted to sleep with me. Iím kind of shy, I mean, Iíve never ďbeenĒ with a girl. So, I tried to get her to slow down, but she was so pushy. Every five minutes she was trying to get into my pants! Then she started talking about how I was going to be her wife. We just met (O_O). Plus, I just donít like the term wife or husband for that matter. I feel that those titles imply ownership. I actually would much rather refer to ďmyĒ boyfriend as ďtheĒ boyfriend, because saying the word ďmyĒ makes me cringe. I hate the idea of owning a person. Anyway, I had to break up with her before we even started dating. Iím actually praying that I never have to go through that experience ever again. I felt very venerable and kind of unnerved. It also made me feel bad that she didnít want to get to know me. She just went on and on about my looks. I mean, Iím happy she thought I was pretty, but there is more to me than just skin, bones, and a vagina.

On another note, I too wish we would have never have came out. I actually thought it would be a good idea to come out because Mia did. The story goes like this: We asked her not to tell her mom, but she was very excited. Mia and her mom were very close. She honestly thought her mom would be excited for her. Once I realized Mia told her mom I told my mom. Not because I felt inspired too, but because I knew Miaís mom was going to freak out, call my mom, and tell her what a horrible person the BF is (everybody always thinks the triad is his idea, grrr). I wanted to call my mom and tell her about me being poly before Miaís mom got a hold of my mom. I was thinking it would be better if my mom heard it from me. Pffft, my mom and dad immediately started bashing the BF even though I told them the triad was my idea. OH, nothing infuriates me more than being undermined because of my gender. My parents are pros at it too. My dad didnít even talk to me about the poly thing. He went straight for the BF. Just because Amobrasil is a guy doesnít mean it was his idea. I remind my parents all the time that being poly and seeking a triad was my idea, but I still donít get the sense that they believe me. Itís so infuriating! Like being poked in the eye (>_o).
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