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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Hey. I think I forgot to add that there are other threads on here if you do a tag search for "coming out" (geesh, losing my touch )

I would agree with Mono, there is not a lot of reason to come out for me really due to the fact that it isn't anyones business and just seems to complicate our sanity We usually tell people that Mono lives in our suite and that he is a good friend. They really don't need to know more. They probably think he is all heart broken that his marriage ended and doesn't ever want that kind of life again. Whatever. I don't really care. What really matters is what goes on for us and how we are in our dynamic.

You're right, live and learn and move on to something that works better.
Thanks for the pointer, I'll try it out Yeah, I like the roommate idea. And it would not be a lie, because the person really would be a roommate living with us
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