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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
We had a great "tribal" day today. A friend of ours (form our poly community as are most of our friends) was moving and put an emergency call out for people to load her moving truck. She was severely undermanned for this part of her move and definitely needed help.
Redpepper, PN, LB, and I all changed our plans and headed out as a family to lend a hand. It didn't take long but they had a lot of big furniture which required some extra hands. After wards we enjoyed pizza and beer before resuming our days.

I was on my bike so I headed over to Derby's house to visit my dear metamour and her hubby. We chatted for an hour about many things from work to this forum. Then it was off to ride some more where I ran into RP downtown so we went burlesque costume shopping for an hour. During our shopping RP got confirmation that Leo and his family were in for our annual may camping trip so it is good to see things are all looking good!

I often forget how big our little community here actually is.
I loved that our friend said that she loved that she put the word out and we all came. "Nothing like a whole tribe to the rescue" she said
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