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I like that it's not segregated. I probably wouldn't go much in a specific BDSM forum, and I'd miss a bunch of things. I like hearing about different lifestyles and I don't think I should have to go look for them, I much prefer seeing them among the "regular" populace. Otherwise, it kind of gives a "you're freaks, stay away from us" vibe, I feel.

@ MrFarFromRight, I understand why you wouldn't like D/s if you're against any power and any one being hierarchically higher than anyone else, period. I mean, that basically means being against the concept of a president or prime minister, a boss in a company, a manager... I personally don't get it. It's wonderful having other people's input or help. If I'm someone's subordinate, I can just accomplish the needed tasks without having to figure out what tasks are needed. If I'm someone's manager, I can direct everyone to reach the needed goal and keeping my energy for other things that needs to be worked on so I don't have to do all the work.
They're all about cooperation. Just because one person is called the boss and the other the employee doesn't mean one is worth more than the other.

But BDSM is about more than D/s. You also have BD and SM. And these aren't necessarily about power. You could think that being blindfolded is about power, but it could be about not being able to see so you can focus on your other senses and have a more intense experience. As for pain, it leads to endorphines, so it's easy to understand how it's linked to pleasure, I feel. And the Sadist part of a SM pair could very well be the sub of a D/s pair.

I guess I really don't understand your objections to D/s. I mean, we all spend our lives hoping for others to make decisions for us. Decide what we're eating, decide what to buy... there are programs all over the net that you can have tell you to do your chores so you don't have to remember. Is it so hard to imagine someone could want the same things in a sexual context?
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