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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
So possibly you could broaden your search to non bisexuals. You basically just need to meet a lot of girls and find ones that are good, and go from there. I wouldn't go out looking for poly or bi people as my main criteria because they often don't fit the mould anyhow and are a rare species. Many girls are interested in trying things with another woman but wouldn't list themselves as bisexual, or even think of themselves as bisexual.
You're so right. I myself was shocked and dismayed when my gf first approached me with the idea of poly. I was so conditioned to believe that love is jealous by nature, that I took great offense at her suggestion... But the idea simmered within me, and nearly a year later, I finally realized her intent was not to replace me but to build upon the foundation we already enjoyed. That's when I began to see the beauty of it. So, I can totally see how what you are saying is possible. (It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind anyway, right? Just kidding!!! lol)

Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
If you approach it logically you'll have a greater chance of finding someone I feel. Also I'd look at those 3 "encounters" you've had as growing experiences for you and your gf. You may think they have been a waste of time but in reality, it's honing your skills.
Yes, I feel the same way. I think we've been too focused on finding someone for the triad that we forgot that the process was supposed to be fun... It has definitely been a chore, with too much drama and heartache. In fact, we've been pursuing simple friendships, just like you suggested Our thought is that, if we build on friendship, we may someday end up with a true, lasting relationship.

Thanks for all your good advice!
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