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So, St-Patrick.

This Saturday, I went to a St-Patty party, my first ever (the day isn't very big in France). It was organised by Seamus's interest, now a friend as she told him she wasn't into poly. She had been looking forward to meeting me (and vice-versa).

I needed something green to wear, so we went to a thrift shop and Seamus bought for me a green sweater (that zips in the front) and a skirt (I don't usually wear skirts but this one was really comfy) with an advance from his next paycheque (which was embarrassing for me. I hate being a burden, especially financial. Fortunately it was a thrift store so each item was under ten bucks).

The jacket/sweater is nice and warm and is a hoodie. It's completely green (colour close to olive) and we got it because I was going to wear a top that ties behind the neck and has no sleeves, and he was worried people would comment about my armpit hairs. Since I didn't know anyone, he didn't want it to be awkward for me or anything like that.
The skirt is pale with some black and some green, long (reaches my shoes) and very fluid, very light but surprisingly warm.

The part was supposed to be partially outside, but it rained all day so we stayed inside. I didn't end up talking to many people, staying with a group of about 3 new people plus Seamus and me. We played some videogames, then we talked a lot. A few people started being drunk and that was even funnier (especially for Seamus and I who didn't drink at all).

I met B, Seamus's interest, and she was very friendly and happy to see me, as was I. We got along right away, and during the first half of the party she was busy with her hostess duties, but later one when a bunch of people had left she hung out with our little group a lot more.

I had a very good time, and I don't usually do well in groups, especially when I don't know anyone. But they were all very friendly, and people were in smaller groups which made it much easier than a huge group at once.

It was also nice to be introduced as his girlfriend for the first time to people who don't know my husband (although some were aware of him). Before that, I had always felt like he "got seconds" I was my husband's wife first and his girlfriend next, and it seemed hardly fair for it to always be that way and never the other way around.
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