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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
Love is infinite?

If you consider that meeting someone takes time, and you only have limited time, you will see that love is indeed limited. The time you spend in bed on the Sunday morning with your existing love(s) is less time you spend finding new ones
you are talking time no? In my experience it is time that limits my love, or tries too. I can feel love and not express it because of time... that doesn't limit love though.

Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
It's why closed triads, and to some extent quads, make the most logical sense of all the polyamory relationship types. That said, any closed group of low enough size will have the same qualities but also have more potential for mishap as you increase the number of people in the group.
logical? maybe to you my friend. yes, more people seems to increase more potential for drama or mishaps as you put it.
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