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Originally Posted by AprilLove View Post
I had to move on because in eleven months, I have only seen him four times. Those four times included his wife, which I did not mind at all. We live four hours away from each other and yes, I was willing to travel and do what it took to make it work. Not being able to have personal time with him took its toll. It felt like I was not allowed to have that time. We only conversed through email, no phone calls.
That would be rough. Not allowing for that kind of intimacy would be difficult. I wonder if thats how they allowed poly into their lives. By limiting the ability to be intimate. It wouldn't be the first time.

Long distance is very rewarding, but it didn't sound like "they" were willing to allow it to foster into anything.

Confused, heartbroken but I keep telling myself to keep calm and carry on.
Life lessons. Take this as what it was, and you will move on and meet someone else. Its hard in the moment to feel like there is a reason for this.
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