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Default My Heart is Broken

Almost eleven months ago, I met an amazing man. His spirit uplifted me, and I knew instantly that I wanted him in my life. We connected on so many different levels. We began a D/s relationship.

Well, this past weekend, we have parted ways. I have never felt such sadness.

I had to move on because in eleven months, I have only seen him four times. Those four times included his wife, which I did not mind at all. We live four hours away from each other and yes, I was willing to travel and do what it took to make it work. Not being able to have personal time with him took its toll. It felt like I was not allowed to have that time. We only conversed through email, no phone calls.

I was trying my best to fit into his world, to make his wife comfortable with me, with us. I was patient, I was willing to bend, but I felt like I was trying to pass a test that I would ultimately fail.

Confused, heartbroken but I keep telling myself to keep calm and carry on.
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