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SourGirl -

Ahhhh, you're right. We should be more compassionate toward these women, I apologize if my words came across as harsh. In the heat of the moment, it is difficult to see that not everyone is alike, and we all have our unique strengths and weaknesses. We need to do better. We will try to keep your advice in mind, thanks. And I agree, we need to slow down

As for America, it probably doesn't help that I live in the Bible Belt... In recent years, America has back-pedaled into conservatism, inflamed by opposition toward "liberal agendas" such as gay marriage. FOX news, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck come to mind when I think about who is shaping the ideas and opinions of the nation. We have actually thought about moving to another state such as California, but again, it's the cost versus rewards issue. For the pursuit of a lifestyle and perceived benefits, how far does one go? This is a question which we have not yet answered to ourselves. But, I think, with time and reflection, everything will sort itself out in the end.
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