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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Songs based on a marriage 7 years in don't sell so well.
Gotta love this Mags !!

But back to the OP question about roots and survival of the mono.

From almost any angle you want to analyze it from it really comes down to a control tactic. As evil and manipulative as that probably sounds, it has it's innocent side too. As a species we're kind of dependent on control. Our security gets shaken unless we have our hand on the control lever - or at minimum, believe that someone else we trust has. So some of the junk that comes with monogamy is a pretty easy sell. We're offered some safety and security (supposedly). It's only after we discover that the sweet security we were sold was only a thin coating over something much more bitter. And that the REAL security only comes from our own internal strength.

Evolution is a slow process...............

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