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Love is infinite?

If you consider that meeting someone takes time, and you only have limited time, you will see that love is indeed limited. The time you spend in bed on the Sunday morning with your existing love(s) is less time you spend finding new ones.

Furthermore the human brain can only have so many active relationships in it, so the brain is finite in its storage capabilities. If you think you can remember the date of births, maiden names, how many siblings, their siblings dobs/jobs/relationship, name of parents, fond childhood memories, things they hate, things they like, places they visit, etc, of even say 20 people then I think you're probably the human equivalent of the internet.

So yes, the more loves you have the less love you can have with one particular person. There are however exceptions to this rule. New loves can lower the amount of life chores needed and therefore give you more time with your loved one. A more detailed example.

Jane and Joe spends 10 hours a week on house chores and cooking, and 44 hours working and traveling to work. They also sleep for 56 hours each week. This equals 110 hours out of 168 hours in the week that is devoted to non "them" tasks. It leaves them 58 hours of possible them time.

They fall in love with a cute girl named Rosy. They drop their work hours down to 30 hours because they now have 3 incomes. Their chores go down to 7 hours each. They now have an extra 17 hours each week to spend with each other. Consider that many things we enjoy can be enjoyed with 3 people as with 2, and you'll find the actual quality time Jane and Joe can spend has increased dramatically. Add children into the mix and it just compounds it. Now Jane and Joe can often have time alone as Rosy takes care of the kids, and vice versa.

It's why closed triads, and to some extent quads, make the most logical sense of all the polyamory relationship types. That said, any closed group of low enough size will have the same qualities but also have more potential for mishap as you increase the number of people in the group.

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