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Default NRE withdrawal???

Without rehashing my situation, too much, I want to ask a question...

long story short, I fell in love with my fiance's best friend, who semi-admitted that he felt the same, and abruptly left the playing field.

since that time, there has been brushes of contact, but nothing concrete or solid.

I am curious if; if I were feeling NRE when this relationship ended so abruptly, is it possible that I am suffering withdrawal from that? that the light brushes of contact are keeping the NRE from fully dying and are instead making me yearn for that person? (noting it is now touching on the 6 month mark of 'NRE withdrawal' for me - if that is what it is...)

just curious for others opinions on this one - I am trying desperately to find a way to deal with how I am feeling... and think this is a valid line of enquiry
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