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Default Our Story

We are a well established married couple looking for a long lasting girlfriend.
We have 3 great kids and have been married 16 years.

We are both 33 years old (born only a few hours apart) We live in Texas & have most of our lives. We got married & started a family at 17 & were still here, were stable people, but feel abnormal in the small town we live in. We've never been focused on a conventional life & understand the penalties for leading a non normal life, and raise our children to be open understanding people and to be who they are, not what society tells them to be.
We are fun and funny and like insanity but we enjoy being boring sometimes too.

We have had the experience of a triad relationship with a fantastic girl that made us all extremely happy and are looking for that happiness again with someone new, something that will last. We want a relationship, not a temporary sex partner.

We recently found someone we were just going to try sleeping with, but a relationship developed & even though that was not the beginning goal we found we liked it, For a time it was great, everyone was super happy & we were a triangle. But over time she found that she just couldn't give what we were asking for now. She was young & we knew it was a possibility & can accept that & don't want to rob her of a normal life. (Even though we really wanted her to stay with us) But in the end, she was not ready for a long term relationship & has that desire for a normal life, so after 6 months we let her go being very careful not to hurt her & to remain best of friends.

But now that we know what we liked were going to look for it again, with someone looking for the same thing, and with a better understanding of ourselves and what makes us both very happy. We want to share what we have with someone, we are good soft people & have a lot of love to offer.

We will both be using this single account as we are a team.

Were not going to say "We expect someone to have the same feelings for both of us at first" but we are patient people & will wait for relationships to fully mature. And we understand how feelings can change over time & the need for openness, communication, rules, boundaries, etc.


::Edit - After looking through the forums, it appears were looking for a Unicorn lol
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