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I can understand that poly can cause pain and is a lot of work, but really, for me, my question to people would be(I'm not American and lots of people on here are not so I'm changing it up a bit), "are you ready to look at yourself and how you do relationships differently?" I think most people don't want to because they are uninterested or they don't want to because it's too much work and they would rather be mono to avoid the struggle. Coming out can be apart of that or not...

I was ready, and am completely happy beyond my wildest dreams... I'm sure that others are ready for that and/or are just as happy having worked fucking hard for it

I came out to everyone because my mother was accusing my boyfriend of abusing my child. It was a mess and really hard. I stood my ground and stood up for us, as did my husband and boyfriend. We worked hard and were patient, forgiving every step of the way. The results have been complete acceptance. Understanding is not there, but I am fine with acceptance.

Sorry it didn't work out for you... maybe there is a lesson there that was missed that you could learn from?
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