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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Don't you have other people in your life that you love? Family, children, friends? Love is a deeper pool than you imagine.
Yes, but with them it is a different kind of love than what I share with my husband, or what would be shared with an intimate romantic partner.

My thinking has been that I need and want to give all of my romantic, intimate, love to one man if he was my husband, or committed partner. When I was dating and not in a committed exclusive relationship, I did not have a problem with having more than one "love" at a time, and maybe could have been considered poly in some of my dating situations. But I also admit that I did not necessarily become as close emotionally to these men if I was not in a committed exclusive relationship with them. I held back.

Poly and marriage is something that is difficult for me to grasp. But I am trying to understand it. I again want to thank everyone for sharing their situations with me, and their insights. I does help me a lot.
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