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Oh no. Big alarm bells going off for me here. It's one thing not using protection in a long term, mono relationship where you know the other is only sexual with you, you've both been tested, and she's maybe on birth control to prevent pregnancy and you're both ready to deal with consequences should it fail. It's another thing all together bringing others into that mix whom you do not know the history, status, or sexual openness of. You have to remember that you are essentially having sex with everyone your partner(s) has ever had sex. This is not to insult you or your partner(s) but is a fact. Buy some thin condoms. Play without them using hands or whatever you need to get you close to a point of finishing. But use them when it comes to penetration. You don't want to be a statistic. And don't count on pull out and birth control. My son was conceived by a failed pull out, my daughter while on the pill. I don't regret either, but if you're not ready don't even risk it.
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