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Originally Posted by RitaFire View Post
I can't tell you how much I do appreciate everyone's willingness to share their experiences here. thank you!

This struck a chord with me:

And maybe I should post a new topic for this. I often wonder if our love is diluted when we share it with more than one intimate partner. We only have so much time to share our love, in our thoughts and actions. And it is time that is not spent with one partner but now more than one. That is less to go around. Hence it is diluted to me. Maybe I have hard time comprehending how Rob and I would be able to give so much of ourselves to more than one intimate partner, without somehow short changing the other.
This comes up every once in a while. Some people believe that adding more love, adds to the total love. Thereby no diluting the love at all.

Some do in fact have a hard time grasping the ability to romantically love more than one. Thinking it dilutes the love for the other. Further to that there is some internal analysis that there is different kinds of love. Lust, crush, long term stable etc. So one never overlaps the other.

And then there are others who believe you can have different silos of love for people. I probably fall in line with this one more than anything. I love both people I am involved with deeply. One doesn't take away from the other. The only limited item is time itself.

There are probably many more options, but those are the main three I have noticed over the last two years.
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