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Originally Posted by Lovesilky21 View Post
And to my husband I tried to explain that if it makes us more happy how is it wrong,
NRE has an interesting way of making us believe that everyone should see and feel the joy we do. Let's be would make you more happy. That is all you your husband will feel cannot be assumed. It could be the best thing that has happened to him or it could be a disaster that cannot be undone.

I commend your openness and the honesty you are bringing forth in this. Sounds like you have the best approach to make a go of this on a solid foundation of trust if both of you are ready and willing. Of course, nobody knows how this other guy feels yet. There's a thread somewhere on here about what can a married guy offer a single women but it is also valid in your case. What can you offer this new guy if he is interested?

Good luck and keep up the honesty

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