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Default definitions

so i had some questions about definitions, and how things fit into them.

as i understand it, in a triad all three parties are romantically and sexually involved. and in a vee 2 parties are each separately involved with the 3rd.

so my questions are first, is that correct? and second if vees are not all romantically and sexually involved, how do the living arrangements pan out?

i ask these things because it seems R, K, and I may be becoming a vee. Although I've not counted out C yet (K's partner before this all came about, and still partner) so we may be a quad, or 2 vees...

anyway, my other question being about living arrangements.. in a vee, do the 3 parties tend to live together? and, not being romantically or sexually involved, how difficult is that on the 2 parties that are not the hinge?

this of course stems from personal experience. the latest being my hearing love noises through the door while K was over. i'm not naive, or lying to myself. i know they have sex, likely every time K is here, but to know and to hear, well they are different things.

or are there any vees in the crowd that have different living arrangements. such as the newest member living in a separate home, or somesuch. or does that make the relationship not a vee, but something else?

really i'm trying to come to grips with sex in my house, sex that doesn't involve me. it's odd. sometimes it makes me very sad. but it's hard to tell if it's something that is only saddening because it's so new, or if i will feel differently once the initial oddness goes away. and how to deal if it doesn't. can we all live together if i can't stand hearing them in the next room? and is it too much to ask that they keep the noise down? i mean, i wouldn't want her to ask that of R and myself. so i can't very well as it of them.

i'm sorry, my posts are always so long, and needy and they go in circles. but just being able to post here makes me feel a lot better about what we are doing. as i've mentioned, there is no one in my daily life that i can discuss this with. no one gets even close to understanding, i don't think anyone wants to.

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