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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
1) BDSM. Does. Not. Excite. Me. Sexually.
I had to smile when I read this. I agree completely. I think I can see how BDSM could be great for someone else, but not so sure about myself. May I suggest, just go to your partner with the disclaimer ahead of time that it may not be for you and then experiement a little! Maybe some of it will excite you (I think I may be more excited by all the leather more than anything else, myself!)? If not, then jsut tell them. As long as you are honest, it is not reducing it to a hobby or being disrespectful.

Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
2) Time-management, or why do I keep receiving text messages? I know the answer for this; take a calendar and schedule. I hate giving the impression that I'm not as eager as I am, but I just require a lot of me time and am not interested in constant instant communication, powered by modern communication technologies.
I like the occasional text message, but a continuous stream can be annoying for sure! When it gets to be annoying (you are discussing abstract concepts one sentence, or even word, at a time) just pick up the phone if you can and tell them to talk to you that way. OR if you are at work or otherwise unable to talk then text them one time that you are busy and then turn the phone to silent. Most chronic texters figure out pretty quick that you are not afflicted with the bug if they do not get a response for an hour. Don't feel guilty if you have told them one time that it is not a good time and then they keept texting, you have set a limit - they should respect that.

As far as time management in the stricktist sense: I am very bad at this and can barely juggle my husband, my 2 kids (12 and 2), my friendships, my job, and my school (in a master's program). I have no idea how we will find the time for everyone once we are ready to find a third....good luck!
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