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Oh, I see the irony, lol, especially from the outside. But in truth it's not quite like that. The "house rules" is a part of their sub contract (I find no end of humor in that term), along with all the rst, hard limits and such. They don't like the idea of being collared and held to their contracts when our "3rd gf" - whom they dislike - has no such "restrictions". It makes thm feel as though they are submissive to her, or rather that she would view it as such. And frankly, knowing Adrian as well as I do, she would throw it in their faces, whether intentionally or not.

The fact is, she has to go. I'm too nice to put her on the street with no vehicle and very little money -and she is blatantly taking advantage of that, though she sees it differently. Such will not be the case much longer.
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