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Default I suck at relationships

Well, maybe not really, but let's say I'm out of touch.

What is the first ground rule for getting involved with ANYONE, on romantic or friendship basis? Anyone?

Yeah, you sir right there. You know the answer don't you. And the couple holding hands in front knows it too. That's why they're holding hands in the first place. Yep, how could I forget about it? It's not like I haven't had any friends or partners ever before.

Be yourself as you truly are, not trying to guess what your prospective partner wants you to be and then trying to act like it.

Yeah, I know, I have issues. I generally don't believe people want to hang out or have sex with me for any other than purely humanitarian concerns. I also tend to think people well in their twenties and beyond are way too young to avoid getting entangled with me and well in above their heads, so I'm trying to prepare their escape routes for them. I'm basically a walking 'Please don't date me, I'm way too clingy for you' sign. If I as much as find I like someone, I get immediately super concerned in thinking I might be smothering them with my love.

I'm a nice girl, really. I'd date me. For whatever reason, I do believe other's generally wouldn't. I blame it on having been constantly told I'm too this or that, too weird, too intense, too loud, too talkative, too off, too smart, too competent, too pushy, too passionate what-the-fuck-ever. Somewhere along the way, I convinced myself 'too' was a dirty word.

For now, I'm going to be just too much myself. That will either kick-start this relationship, or send it all to hell. But I am too tired to tiptoe around anyone right now.
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