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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
This forum tends to attract those that are starting out, have started out recently or who just really like peoples drama... like me
ROTFLMAO I have a fierce tendency to know-it-all-ism, and in my work have to suppress any and all of my advice-giving tendencies! So I let myself prey on innocent people on forums like these, giving pseudo-sage advice on things I have absolutely no clue on!

Seriously Ritafire though, the seemingly high divorce-rate on the forum might just represent the fact that many polyamorines have a hard time cheating, since they want to be able to express their love for two or more people openly. So they might be slightly more eager to bring the subject of extra-marital love affairs up with their spouses, which doesn't fly well with most people, and hence might lead to divorce or separation. We have of course no way of knowing how many of seemingly monogamous unions, marriages or otherwise, are really monogamous for both partners at all stages of the relationship, especially if we count purely emotional affairs.

Just speculating here, but that's what I do best.
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