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Originally Posted by Handmaiden View Post
Part of it... I don't know... I think there might be a part of me trying to goad him into being more dominant. Which is probably not entirely a healthy way of going about it. I am not always submissive in sex but atm I really want to explore it, but he's into egalitarian sex. He's trying, for my sake, but I do get off on his jealous arousal. There is a thread on here that made me completely reassess my thoughts on finding a guy into the D/s play, especially as I'm not particularly hardcore! So am I trying to prod him into something more dominant? Hmmm, don't know!
Yup, risque. I'm at the early stages of exploring a vanilla relationship with a BDSMer and trying to manipulate someone's sexual orientation like that, or even feeling that you should try to be more 'open' that way to be acceptable to your mate, can seriously mess up both your sex life and your head. How about trying to find a man who switches, especially if you are at the earliest stages of exploration into BDSM territory? Which specific thread are you talking about?
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