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Some days I just want to bitch slap someone!

Possibility has had a problem with being depressed for the last several months . He would bounce back for a few days and then be right back into the funk again. Yesterday I finally told him it was time to see the doctor about it. I didn't know it at the time but he's got a doc appointment on Monday some time to get started on dealing with this.

I didn't tell him my reasoning behind WHY I thought he needed the help though. I'm getting to the point where HIS depression is affecting my mood, even through chat. I enjoy being there for people but this has gotten beyond the place where just talking about it makes you feel better. It's gotten to the point where he's very nearly physically ill just THINKING about going in to work the next day, he's extremely moody with the moods rarely being happy. In short he's not a very nice person to be around right now.

*sigh* I guess I miss him. I just hope he can get things back on a more even keel sooner rather than later.

Even the D/s has been put on the back burner for now. I enjoy playing with him as much as he enjoys it but with his moods leaning more and more to the dark side it's just not a good idea until he can get this dealt with by a professional. About all we do together now is watch TV and movies , not much cuddling, no sex (not that there has ever been a lot any way), very little talking/chatting, hugs and kisses are nearly non-existent *sigh*

Breathes, on the other hand, is just as attentive as ever. He WAS pissed with me the other night (for reason) and it's taking him a few days to get past it so I'm missing him a little bit too .

Breathes had coffee with a potential secondary last Saturday but it didn't pan out . It took some coaxing from me to even get him to email her but once he did he got excited about meeting her even though he had butterflies.

Last Saturday we volunteered in the dungeon at Sexapalooza! FUN! Lots of different people wandered through, some with a bewildered look wondering just what in the world they were doing in such a deviant place! lol Some were really surprised at what household items could be turned into, lol . There was needle play, floggings, rope tying oh my! It was fun & I look forward to the next one!
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