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Originally Posted by sage View Post
I had those kind of dreams while my husband and I were separating.

Blessings, love and light to you LR, may you be all that your forum name implies.
The dreams suck, now GG is having them too.
I'm trying to live up to my name. I'm trying.

Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
I'm about to be thrown out of here until next week, but I didn't want to leave without sending you
warm, warm Love.
I'll be thinking about you...

p.s. "just" is such a funny word. "Just LR" - but isn't that enough? "just friends" - but isn't that "just" what you need right now?

Dancing with you in my dreams,
Thanks, hopefully those dreams will find me, that sounds MUCH nicer than the dreams I've been stuck in this week!
I love dancing. A year or two ago Maca and I took a ballroom dancing class. It was SO SO much fun. I would LOVE to really put some devoted time into learning more.
I think JUST is exactly what I need-which is why I emphasized it in the blog title. My brother told me I'm "Just LR" (he used my real name) and it just really touched me. I want to be loved, liked, enjoyed, appreciated for being JUST me, not for living up to someone else's standards.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
You have to fill out paperwork to provide childcare for your own grandchild?

So sorry things have come to such a state with Maca. Does this mean GG gets more of your time now? Will you sleep with him every night, or sleep alone? (sorry if that's too personal)
My daughter got put on bedrest during her pregnancy and therefore had to quit working. Because of that she qualifies for daycare assistance from the state. They will pay me to watch him so she can go back to work, but only if I show that I'm CPR certified, am not a felon, don't have felons living with me etc.
SO-yes, I did have to do paperwork.

I'm sorry about where things are with Maca too. It's depressing. I love him. There's so much potential-but, potential is nothing without action.

GG does get more of my time in a way.. because he's here still. But, sleeping with him every night... I don't think so. There've been many times over the years when that opportunity existed (twice Maca moved out before and when he's worked out of town), but I treasure the opportunity to have my alone time too...
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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