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Hello all!

I'm a male (by sex and gender) college student in NYC. I'm Russian and Polish, and I practice buddhism (hence the name "FireWater"... A sort of ying-yang, karma, circle. That's how I imagine it anyway).

I was introduced to poly through an extended poly network I accidentally found. I'm part of a men's group, which goes all the way from young college students such as myself to older folk. We sometimes meet with a woman's group under the same organization, and we do a lot of exercises and explore how the genders really feel about one another, what each side is going through, etc. It's an amazing experience! It's not a public organization, so there's a big bubble of trust. A lot of the men in the group are in various relationships with women in the other group. It's an underground-ish network of like-minded people who share love with each other!

I'm thrilled to explore polyamory! I've been in and out of monogamous relationships since the age of 13, and something about jumping around from person to person is starting to bother me.

I just found a poly-curious girl who lives near me online, and we're going to meet soon. I hope to form my first poly relationship with other and see what grows out of it.

That's about it! I'm excited to be here, and very honored to be among brave, open, smart, people who think for themselves and don't settle for what society shoves down our throats! It feels empowering to take a stand!

That's all


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