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I'm finding that my own comfort level changes with each person and situation. My daughter informed me very casually that all of her friends know about my relationship with Sea and tommyc. To say the least I was a little taken aback. It wasn't that we had ever tried to hide it. I just didn't realize that we were being so obvious.

Of course my concern was for her. How did she deal with the questions? Was she embarassed? Don't feel like you have to defend our relationship. Just tell people that your Mom is an adult and she makes her own choices. It's no reflection on her. After she calmed me down, she told me her friends don't care. They see that I'm happy, and it doesn't change how any of them feel towards me. I wonder how in the world I raised such a tolerant child.

The ironic part of the situation. I was invited to my daughter's best friends wedding this summer, and it never occurred to me that they would treat me any differently. I don't know if that comes from the comfort of believing in the relationship I share with Sea and tommyc, or the comfort my daughter feels in our relationship. I guess it doesn't really matter where it's coming from. Just that it's there.
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