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7 pages of comments so far! I haven't got the time to read through all, so I may be repeating someone else' suggestion(s).
Originally Posted by EywaUK View Post
Okay, so i'm just starting to settle/accept in to the 3person relationship thats kind of risen up around us without us realising. Now i'm looking for some more practical advice... how the heck do you get 3 in a bed on a long term basis??!!!

Two of us are very tall, the other average (i'm 6'9", my bfs are 6'4" and 5'10"), and even with a kingsize bed, its getting to be more and more awkward to 'sleep' 3 to a bed. We always start off cosy and cuddled, then as we all fall asleep and move around, inevitably you end up with someone perched right at the edge of the bed.

And then of course if you happen to be in the middle, you cant exactly get up in the night without waking the others. Is there a slightly more practical solution??? None of us can bear to sleep in seperate rooms or beds but we need sleep. lol. How do you guys manage it?

ps. We used to have the quilt disputes but i managed to resolve that with a superkingsized duvet (yay).

pps. For the observant person in another thread - yep, Eywa was the spirit of Pandora... Avatar ROCKS!!! )
Don't assume that it's the bigger people who squeeze out the smaller! My theory is that bigger people have grown more space-conscious, so they try not to invade other people's spaces even while they sleep. I knew a couple, she was slightly over 5ft. high, he quite a bit over 6ft. And it was he that used to wake up, clingling to the edge of the mattress, while she was stretched out all over the place. Another example: a friend whose sister slept over and they both shared the bed with my friend's baby. Both of them woke up clinging to opposite edges of the mattress, and it was the baby - in the middle of the bed - who blissfully dreamed on with all the space in the World.

Back to your problem: "3 Men In A Bed" (at least you haven't got the dog!)

1) Don't you know any carpenters? Better still: aren't any of you handicraftilly courageous? There is a special pleasure to be had sleeping in a bed that you've made for yourself, or - barring that - having one made specifically for you with personal touches.

2) The one in the middle getting up in the middle of the night.
a) Choose the one with the strongest bladder control for the middle.
b) I would advise you to have the head end - without headboard - away from the wall. it's easier to slip out of bed head-first than feet-first. 'Though that leaves the problem of slipping yourself feet-first into bed afterwards. Hmmm!
c) You write: "... so i'm just starting to settle/accept in to the 3person relationship..." My experience: at the beginning of a relationship, you'll wake up every time that your partner(s) sigh(s). After a while, you don't even stir when they practice the bagpipes in bed. (Well, slight exaggeration...)

3) You might decide to develop a foot fetish and sleep like sardines: "top to tail". (Not recommended if any of you is prone to leg spasms while asleep.)
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